Sweet Sunday Summary {June.9.19.}

Today, was crazy town. If that doesn’t sum it up, here’s some background! We moved out of our hotel yesterday and in with family members! I threw everything we had in the hotel into my SUV and transported it {in the most un-orderly fashion possible!} Not ideal, but we did it! Hahaha. Tom got home from Texas yesterday, after driving for a total of 3 days, since he was by himself and needed to make some stops. HE IS SUCH A TROOPER!

Today we talked about love in the home, praying for each of our children individually, and creating a loving and safe environment where kids can strengthen their testimonies. I love taking note of things I can work on, and also love this reminder: “To all Mother’s in every circumstance…You are doing better than you think you are.” -Jeffry R. Holland. Happy Sunday!????



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