Dreaming of Shiplap

Last night, I was up nice and late getting ready for a TV segment, and hoped the kids wouldn’t wake up as early as usual! (Wishful thinking, am I right, Mamas?! Hahah!) But instead, our wake up call wasn’t quiiiite what we thought it would be, when we woke up to the hotel fire alarms 5 AM! I picked up the baby, and rounded up the kids, and we walked outside without shoes, a bra (for mom,) or any personal items, including our room key! Hahaha! We are so grateful to be able to have a roof over our heads while we wait to move into our home, but it definitely had me daydreaming of our Texas home, with all the dreamy shiplap!???? And then I realized I haven’t even finished SHOWING you guys the completed project I’ve showed bits here and there on Instagram, but I’ll upload some more here on the blog! We moved so quickly after finishing it (not necessarily planned????????) that I didn’t do all my grand plans of blogging it! But, here we are, and here it is! I’ll find more pictures and post them as I find them!????



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