Yesterday we went hiking in El Yunque Rainforest🌳 with a group of strangers! It reminded me of being out and about pre-quarantine, and how much we love meeting new people and hearing their stories! Everybody rooted for a girl named Jess who struggled her way to the top of a steep and slippery side of […]

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Can I give you guys a little peek into some rollercoaster emotions I’ve had?♥️ Lately, I’ve felt so many different emotions about our United States. (Perhaps because they haven’t felt so United?) Things have felt divisive, and the vitriol spewed from every angle on every media outlet that I usually stay away from has left […]

Gathering with friends, gazpacho, healthy-ish nachos, and TACOS?!! That sounds like a good day!💕 This whole spread is with recipes from my new cookbook! (Release date TBA!) Thank you, Valory Jean Photography for capturing these photos!♡ XO Sarah

As an Esthetician and Birth Doula, I’ve seen a lot of sensitive skin over the years! #AD We invest in facial and body care, and sometimes we forget that what we wash our clothes in can irritate our skin. Luckily, Tide Free & Gentle by @tidelaundry is free from phosphates, dyes, and fragrances! If you […]

Hi friends! In today’s video, we are chatting about how to know if you might have anxiety or depression! Of COURSE, always consult with your provider, you don’t need to go through this forever or alone! Hopefully this can help you know that you aren’t alone.