Home Sweet Trailer? ||#TDPHILLBILLIES

Oh my goodnesssssss! We did something a tiny bit crazy, moved out of our hotel, and into a TRAILER! Yep. You can now call us the #tdphillbillies!????

While our new home is being remodeled, we have been between hotels and in-law’s homes, and we felt like this would be a great adventure for us and the kids.

It’s a fun thing, and a breath of fresh air after feeling a tiny bit trapped not feeling at “home.” All of our “stuff” is in storage in Texas, we came with our suitcases and the clothes we were wearing, and that was it! So this feels kind of unnatural and natural all at the same time! Of course I love being in a home that we are comfortable in and have furniture and familiar things in… but I’m always just grateful that we have a roof over our heads, and I’m both grateful and even a little bit surprised that you CAN HAVE that “home feeling” wherever you and your family are. This time it just happens to be on wheels!???? HAVE YOU ever thought about doing this?! I’d love to know!



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