Pear Goes to School!

First Day of School for Paris!:) In my pregnancy sickness brain, I didn’t get her on the list for the Preschool lottery!🙈 But that was okay because she’s so fun to have at home! I got her on a waiting list and she was number 4 and not likely to get in, but someone pulled their child out this week and the 3 people in front of us declined the spot, so here she goes! Haha! Also, when you Mamas shuttle babies to and from different schools and buckle countless seatbelt in a day, make sure to get a treat.;) Hahaha! Also, I attempted to step up my Momiform game today and instead of wearing no bra, a top knot, and spit up all over myself, I actually got dressed for school drop off! Haha! Although, even getting dressed doesn’t guarantee no spit up.;) Also, my baby is 10 weeks today, how does this happen?! Happy Wednesday!



Crochet Shirt: HERE

Also bought this color: HERE

Jeans: TJ Maxx

Shoes: HERE, and if those go out of stock: HERE

Pear’s Outfit: TJ Maxx

Pear’s Shoes: HERE

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