New Morphe Pallet

Today’s post started as an attempt to do a video during nap time! I should have known it would be a hot mess, since my room was messy, kids were coming in and out, and I had a battle with a new setting spray that I ordered! {Video of that debacle below.} Hahah! BUT, I thought I’d just do a quick blog post on this pallet–I only used 3 colors, but the colors are pretty and creamy, and the packaging is pretty! I know who Jaclyn Hill is, but I haven’t seen too much of her stuff! I saw the colors and thought they were fun, though and wanted to give it a try!

The first color that I used, {Creamsicle} wasn’t as pigmented as I thought it would be, but then I found that it was really buildable. I mixed it with Hillster, and they blended pretty well together! I’m not the best at blending anyway, {and sometimes just don’t do much of it, haha,} but it wasn’t too hard!

This is the one I usually use: HERE, either over some cream eyeshadow or alone, but I decided to try the new one because the pallet I have is very neutral and I thought it would be fun to have some brighter colors for fall!:) The one I usually use is only $15, so it’s a good one to have!



Neutral Pallet: HERE

New Pallet: HERE

Brush: From IPSY, HERE


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