I went in for a brow touchup with my friend Karli, and thought I’d record what it’s like getting microblading/Softap, also known as powder brows! I didn’t share much about it last year and almost hesitated posting this time, because I feel like women don’t NEED this stuff to be beautiful, and would never want to add extra unneeded pressure to get something like this done. But I have really loved having them filled in, and as a busy Mama of 5 kids, it’s been nice to have one less thing to do during the day! I’m all about investing in low maintenance things! The initial cost can be anywhere from $300-$600, depending on the person or State, and the cost of a yearly touchup {with my girl} is about $150. I did start to fill in my brows a tiny bit about half way through the year, not because they needed it necessarily, but because I found myself wanting them a little bit fuller and darker, so we went a touch darker this time! The video below explains the process! Many people choose to get a numbing cream, and you’ll see in the video that I choose not to, but not to worry–getting it is pretty standard, and after the cream has time to set, it shouldn’t be painful! Also, they will NOT stay this dark! They will lighten and shrink, so even though they don’t look natural right now, I loved how natural they ended up after the healing process last year, and I would imagine this would be the same!:) If you have any other questions about it, let me know below or on Instagram!:)




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