Making the Sabbath a Delight

Happy Sunday! Sunday really is good for the soul. We didn’t make it to church today, and this may sound silly, but that’s something that is actually really hard for me! I love being at church, and with 5 littles that are so, well, little; I feel like the 3 hours of learning and worship really does refill my cup. Even though we weren’t able to go today, we spent the day as a family and went on a Sunday drive. I’ve been on kind of a mission to really try to consciously make the Sabbath a delight, like the title of this conference talk!

Obviously with a newborn it gets a little crazy, and even during pregnancy sometimes it was really hard to get there and be prepared with being sick, but even just the little things helped. Things like setting out the kids’ clothes the night before so the morning of isn’t a mad dash. Things like knowing what we are going to eat for breakfast and having a quick plan B if for by some miracle we sleep in and don’t end up having time for a fancy Sunday breakfast. Things like packing my bag for church the night before and making sure the snacks and doodle boards are ready to go. {We don’t usually take any other toys to church, but then if we sit by a family with toys, my kids try to play with them, so I’m reevaluating that. Haha! Any advice, Mamas?} Things like setting my scriptures, iPad, and lesson manuals next to my things so they are ready! Things like making sure I have extra diapers in my bag. {Duh, but I’ve seriously had to leave before to take babies home because I’ve forgotten! Haha!} And also things like saying a prayer before church to get in the mindset of being ready to take the Sacrament. It makes all the difference when my mind is already there instead of muttering a quick one as the bread comes down the aisle!

Small, simple, and easy things that probably seem like a no-brainer to everyone else, but something I have to intentionally think about to be organized! Haha! And then, after church we love being able to watch family movies, give the kids naps, {my hubby jumps on that train, too!} and do something in nature if we can! I feel like one of the places God’s presence is felt is being around His creations! And this state is especially beautiful for that!

I would love to hear what things YOU do to make the Sabbath a delight, no matter your beliefs or religion!:) Also, my hubby is home from a business trip, so we are so happy to have him home!

Have a great week!<3



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