Baby Bling Bows Coupon Code

Happy Saturday! We took a little field trip today! Soaking in Summer before our big boy goes to Kindergarten!šŸ’• I can’t even fathom how he is so big! If we hadn’t had 4 kids after him, I might not believe it.;) Haaha!

I’m excited to have a little coupon code for one of my favorite bow shops: Baby Bling Bows! The fabric on these is insanely comfy, and the owner is so sweet! Use the code DAINTYPEAR15 for 15% off your purchase! Also, just a side note, I asked them for a coupon code to share with you guys after I had bought ours and got them in the mail! They are so cute and soft, and fit all the girls! Newborn to older kids {or adults. Haha.} I said this in my Instagram Stories today, but for sure let me know if you like the coupon code thing! I don’t get any kickbacks or anything from them, but I love sharing the deals if you guys like/want them!<3

Also, I’m loving this dress, and bought it in two colors! It’s $30, but if you find an active coupon code or there is a sale, it will be cheaper! I’ll link it below! Have a wonderful weekend!<3 

EDIT: I just got it a couple of weeks ago, and this dress is sold out! BOOO! I’m so sorry, I hate when that happens, but I’ve linked some similar ones in the pictures at the bottom of this post!



Bow: Baby Bling Bows {USE DAINTYPEAR15 for 15% off!}

Dress: H&M {Free shipping over $40 with code 0040}

Shoes: Jane 

Similar dresses to the sold out one:




LINKED HERE{3 Colors & $15!}
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