Back to School Night

Well, it was Back to School Night for our cutest little Kindergartner!:) I obviously forgot about it until the last minute, because I was basically in pajamas and then these beauties came in the mail and I threw them on with my sweats! Hahaha! I’ve been eyeing a good pair of platform sandals for a long time now, and I was excited to find these! They’re comfy, fit true to size, and come in a bunch of colors! They’re linked below! Pretty sure I had a pair of the flip flop version of these all growing up! Hahaha! Anyway, Back to School night was a success! Well, minus the no pants, no shoes thing going on for half of our kids! We like to think the “Come as you are” mentality we have at home reaches to other places, too. Haha! B is in dual immersion and got to meet his English and Spanish teachers! And I didn’t even cry! Yet.;) Probably because I was distracted running after the shoeless, pants-less children escaping from the stroller and making their way around the school! I’m always so happy when the kids get to have new opportunities, but I also love keeping them close and have loved having them home all summer!<3



Pants: HERE and HERE

Shoes: HERE

Shirt: Lucy & Lyla via Groopdealz

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