First Day of School

First Day of School! Kindergarten + Preschool for the boys! Pear Bear gets to stay home with me and the little sisters because in my pregnant fog, I didn’t realize that preschool was a lottery this year, and she didn’t get on the list until it was full! We missed the boat on that one, but she’s so great, I don’t mind one bit having an extra reason to get to hang out with her before she starts Kindergarten next year!

Daddy had to be in Denver today, so we took lots of pictures for him! My cute Mom drove over here to see the boys off, because “she remembers my first day of Kindergarten!” Haha! Also, B came straight home from school, washed his hands, and started doing dishes. Must be a big boy Kindergartner thing!<3 Also, L went to school with two shoes that belonged on the same foot. Hahaha! Otherwise, I think we did pretty well for getting all 6 of us out the door semi-on time! And it was busy enough that I for the most part avoided the first day of Kindergarten total emotional breakdown!;) Haha! We filmed a little bit throughout the day, so that Vlog is here. It’s not listed on my Youtube Channel, because I’m still feeling out having family vlogs public, but I feel like if you are here, we might have interacted before on Instagram or in some other way, and I love the relationships that have come from those things.:)

Hope everyone is having a great first day, week, or month of school!



Dress: Kat.Shopstevie

Shoes: Jane

Kid’s Clothes: H&M


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