Pooping During Childbirth

Oh yeah. We’re going there. This was one of those posts that my hubby sweetly was like, “Are you SURE you want to post that?” I said, “Everybody poops.” And, the fact of the matter is that lots of women in labor do, too! And a lot of women are nervous about it; some even terrified of it! As part of the birth series that I’ve been doing here over the past couple of years, I hope that we can talk about the good, bad, and ugly of labor and delivery so we can be educated and get there real story of what happens when you’re having a baby.

As the baby moves over the rectal nerve and puts pressure on the lower part of the intestines, anything left in there will most likely need to exit. You’re also using the same muscles to push out a baby that you do a bowel movement. The doctor or nurse will usually just wipe it away and move on, without you even knowing it happened! {There’s more explanation in the video below!} AND, it may NOT happen, so the best thing is to try to worry too much about it!<3

My mom was so terrified of pooping during birth that she stopped eating the second contractions started and didn’t eat for two days! I definitely don’t recommend that. *Insert monkey covering face emoji.* I could have sworn that I didn’t do it with any of my other kids, but then I started going to births as a support person or as a videographer, and when I realized how common it is, I also realized that YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW! Hahaha! So whether it happens or not, it’s all part of the process, and it’s ALL good. So hopefully if this is something that you’ve been worried about, you’ll know that it’s such a common thing and it’s not your Doctor or Midwife’s first rodeo. They know the drill and the anatomy about why these things happen. So there you go. Sorry about the word diarrhea. Er…yeah. Happy Birthing!




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