Planner Madness

When your 5 year old takes your picture at the most flattering angle!😂😍 A few things:

1. If you saw my Stories from today, you’ve already heard that I lost my day planner in Texas! I’m so old school, but writing things down is how I function!👵🏼 Still holding out hope someone opens the front cover {and the front cover alone. Also in stories.} and sees my phone number! Haha!

2. My first baby starts Kindergarten tomorrow! Thinking about all the the things that go into that and my feelings about it are all over the place! I want my kids to be independent, self assured, and kind. As much as want to be next to him, protecting him, and hearing what he hears 24-7, {😂} I go back to the quote that says, “There are two gifts we should give our children. One is roots, the other is wings.” Love that boy! And the pictures he takes are my favorite! Hahaha!

3. I feel like I’m looking pretty tired in this pic, so let’s just talk about how I went in for an ultrasound last week from that tummy pain I was talking about, and they said there was fluid that was probably from a ruptured ovarian cyst, followed by a case of shingles when we got to Texas!😂 My sweet doctor called in some medicine and it’s so much better, so between that party and the cutest newborn in the world attached to my bosom all day and night, I think that explains that!😂😂😂 But, I mean, what Mama ISN’T at least a little bit tired?! #MomLyfe It’s all part of this amazing Motherhood journey, and as weird as it sounds, I’m grateful for all of it. Also, after a rough pregnancy, this stuff could feel like a lot, but it’s weirdly manageable! It’s amazing what you can handle when all your energy isn’t being used to eject all the food you’re eating!😂🙈 As always, thinking about all you Mama’s in the throws of being sick! #thedaintypear #7weekspostpartum



Top: Kat.Shopstevie

Jeans: Jane.com

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