Valory Jean Photography

You know when you find a photographer that just gets how to get a good shot, despite how freakishly awkward you are in front of the camera!? Or the fact that you just had a baby 8 weeks before and are feeling pretty unglamorous!? That is Val. And I really lucked out, because not only that, but I get to have one of my best friends as my cousin and vice versa.;) Val is genuine, and so much fun to be with. When she says something, she really means it, and is just a beautiful person all-around. Val has been doing photography for several years, and has done our engagements and bridals, family pictures, and has been there for every birth of every child that we’ve had! She is an incredible Wedding and Family Photographer, so if you are booking in Utah {she’s also been known to do some destination weddings!} be sure to check out her website, here! She took some head shots for me yesterday, so a few of them are posted here! Thanks, Val!



Necklace: The Dainty Pear {This one!}

Photography: Valory Jean Photography {Website Here!}

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