United We Stand

United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

I have been thinking about this phrase today, and you know those moments where something clicks? As the words came to mind, they were slower, clearer. And then I felt the distinct impression that this can apply to a lot of things. As a Nation, when we are united, we stand strong, undefeated, loving, fierce. When we allow things to divide us, create great rifts between us, we fall. This can be applied to our country, as well as our family relationships, marriage, work, and many other arenas. Since we all have the agency to choose our own opinions, of course we will not always agree! And I truly feel like that’s okay! No matter our view points on propositions, new laws and mandates; no matter our religions or upbringings, there is still a way to be united. And we need to be to have a successful and flourishing nation. When we have a common cause, when love of country is more than love of self, and when we choose to see others for the good within them, we can stand united. How frustrating and sad it can be that sometimes it takes something rattling to happen before we can come back together? This shouldn’t be the case. We can choose to do small things to unite without needing tragedy to be our wakeup call. There are so many of us, despite opinions or political stance, who can say, “I am proud to be an American. How blessed I am to live in the Land of the Free, because of the Brave.” That, is uniting. So, there we go. A peek inside my mind as I stamped this little America Necklace.:) Hahah! On this Memorial Day weekend, we appreciate and honor those who have served and who continue to serve and sacrifice so much for our freedom. Because they served, we have the continuing privilege of having the right, as our forefathers phrased it, to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Have a great weekend!



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