When I woke up, I had the best intentions of getting ready for the day…until I put on this hat. And the hoodie. And the pants. Okay, I slept in the pants. Hahahaha! Really, though, so comfy and it was great for running the few errands I had to do. No makeup: Check! On my way out the door, I slipped on these sandals from Cents of Style {Website Here!} I ordered a different color initially, but there was a little problem with them and the sole was coming up, so I contacted them and they had the BEST customer service and took care of it! Thumbs up!:)



Hat: Poppy and Dot {Website Here!}

Hoodie: TJ Maxx

Pants: Poppy and Dot

Sandals: Cents of Style

Don’t mind my well-loved feet post-Hawaii trip! Ha! Pedicures haven’t been on the agenda since before Baby #4 was born.;) Okay, really I pretty much only get one every time I’ve had a baby, so it’s been an annual or bi-annual pedi for 4 years.;)

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