Water into Wine

Tonight I attended an Institute class. I’m finishing school through BYU-Idaho {story for another time! Haha!:)} so it’s a required class, but I love it because I’ve always loved going to Institute! For those not of my same faith, an Institute class is similar to a Bible Study class, where you learn about the scriptures. I love learning about these things and being uplifted. There was one thing in particular that we talked about that stood out to me when we were studying in the Book of John. In chapter 2, it talks about Jesus Christ’s first recorded miracle—when He turned water into wine. There is so much beautiful symbolism in this chapter, but one of the things that stood out to me the most is the fact that Christ told them to fill waterpots full of water, when they had run out of wine. They did. And he turned it into wine. Not only wine, but some of the best wine that they had ever had. In verse 9, the Governor of the feast called for the bridegroom and in essence said, “Usually, people give the best wine at the beginning of an event, and then when everyone has become full with drink, they bring out the wine that isn’t as good. But YOU guys have brought out the best wine now.” {At the end of the wedding.} There is so much symbolism behind that, but the most touching thing to me is what Christ can do for us. We need Him. When all we can give is water, He can make it wine. And not just normal wine, but the BEST wine anyone has ever tasted. He can do more. He can do more for us than we can do for ourselves. He can make more from us than we can ever make of ourselves. All we have to do is offer up our water. In the scripture they filled the waterpots to the brim. They did all they could do. How will I do that? What things do I need to be doing that mean that I’m offering ALL I can do and showing Him that I want Him to make more of me. Am I offering my water to the brim? Or is it half full? Am I doing all I can do? Those things that we either talked about or were whispered to my heart were so insightful, and I was hoping that by sharing here that maybe someone needed it, too!



I know the picture is a little bit interesting, but I thought it was cool and loved that it showed the water jugs in it! It’s a painting by Gerard David C. 1500 {It’s displayed at the Louvre in Paris.}


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