Makeup Routine + MLM Thoughts

Hi guys!:) Okay, so I mentioned on my stories that I had filmed this video and was deciding whether to post it! {Makeup is obvs not my forte! Haha! And I don’t feel like I have time to spend on it to make it look awesome, but I’ve found a quick routine that works!} You are all so sweet and encouraging, so here is the video! It’s unlisted on my channel, so that’s why you have to find it through this post on the blog!:) I also combined it with a video that I was planning on doing talking about why I pulled out of “selling” for most companies as a distributor.

Basically, if you don’t want to watch the video, I’ll tell you here, that I was signed up for so many of these things because and only because I was like, “Sweet! I get a discount and I don’t really have to sell things if I don’t want to, but it’s there if anyone wants it!” Logical, right!?;) Well, I was right in the fact that I didn’t sell anything, because I don’t enjoy doing that and never talked about it, but what I was doing was also paying the fees, taxes, steep shipping/handling, online store fees, etc., etc., and literally rarely to never talked about it or pushed products. Because I don’t enjoy that! Even though I liked the products! Not even most of my best friends knew that I was a distributor for these companies, and it took me a while, but I realized that I was spending more by trying to save than if I had just bought a few of the products that I really wanted at full price! But no, I needed every lipstick shade, so getting the discount was the best option! Hahaha. I was a little slow at figuring it out, it’s fine.

Sooo…I guess what I would say to someone who is signing up for an MLM “just for the discount,” like moi, I would suggest taking a quick look at 1. How much are minimum orders are, and are they monthly, quarterly, yearly? 2. How much is the “membership/distributor” fee? {Likely annual!} 3. How much time goes into the business, and is it something you are actually going to sell or sit on?

4. What is the cost to run it? {i.e. monthly fees all the distributors pay to run an app, backend office, etc.} 5. If you DON’T sell anything, would you be able to buy the products you want for the same price or less? {This is where a cost-benefit analysis/pros and cons list would be helpful!} 6. Do you have to house inventory? 7. How much time are you wanting to or do you have to put into it? If it’s basically nothing {again, like me,} then that’s something to consider, too! Because even the e-mails that come through for distributors, or things like checking your backend office or ordering and adding up products to meet minimum orders take time, whereas if you are a normal customer, you won’t be dealing with anything other than, “There’s my product! Thank you!” Haha! NOW, I will say that some people are just built for it, and I love that! I’m so not, but I love that some ladies have those skills! It actually takes a good leader and great organizational skills to move up in those companies, so I think sometimes people underrate the work that goes into it! I also believe that you don’t have to be “built” for it to become REALLY good at it or take your business to crazy successful heights! I love that ladies can find their niches and spread their wings. I believe in women supporting women, and for some, these companies provide a really cool opportunity! So, whatever makes you feel empowered and gives you wings, I so hope you do that!<3



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