Family Vlog: Fair 2017

I uploaded our first family vlog to the YouTube Channel yesterday! It was public for a day, and today I made it unlisted so that it can only be found through visiting the blog, which is usually pointed to through Instagram, where I feel like I know all of you sweet people a little bit better than the big YouTube world! Hahaha! Talk me through this, you guys! I’m an open book {if you’ve been subjected to my unfiltered oversharing, you know this!😉} and I love the relationships and fun that have come from this amazing space! BUT sometimes I turn into a paranoid freak of the interwebs, especially when it comes to my babies! Which is why I don’t generally share their names in posts. But..I believe the good in the world outweighs the bad, and trying to find the balance between fear and doing my part to #sharegoodness! Happy Sunday! 

P.S. Link to all the public videos in the channel is up at the top of the page and click “YouTube,” or just click on the video below and it can be navigated through there!:) Thank you all for your encouragement and straight up kindness! Love you all!




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