Yesterday in Instagram stories, I told you guys that my special talent is being able to load the fridge no matter how many groceries need to go in.???? This comes in especially handy when you are living in an RV and your fridge is about 2 feet tall.???? I also LOVED hearing your special talents! […]

  Well, we’ve officially been doing the RV thing for a full week!🚌 We’ve learned lots and lots, and for the sake of the #tdphillbillies diaries, I figured I’d share them here!🤣   🎒 STUFF. Most of us have so much of it. But since we have had all of our belongings (besides what fit […]

M O T H E R H O O D. It involves such a wide array of emotions throughout the day!???? Today, I was asking my kids to buckle up in the back seat so we could move the car. I kindly said, “Buckle. Please buckle. Buckle. Please buckle.” Until the words got {much} louder […]

Oh my goodnesssssss! We did something a tiny bit crazy, moved out of our hotel, and into a TRAILER! Yep. You can now call us the #tdphillbillies!???? While our new home is being remodeled, we have been between hotels and in-law’s homes, and we felt like this would be a great adventure for us and […]