Dressing the Bump

Dressing the bump! We are doing this! Last week when this was supposed to go up, I got strep. And let me tell you, puking with morning sickness on a sore throat is a major party. Hahaha! BUT, I got it together after some antibiotics {thank you, doctors,} and made this incredibly awkward video for your viewing pleasure. If you don’t want to watch, I put the items below!<3 I’m sure none of this is novel information, but it’s what I’ve learned over the past 5 years to avoid those “nothing fits me” meltdowns, so hopefully it’s useful to someone!:)


Shirts {Size up!} If I didn’t say it enough, don’t be afraid to size up! Size up, own that Bump, and dress in what’s comfortable! Don’t look at the number, letter, or whatever it is! After all, you’re growing.a.HUMAN!;)

Cardigans or something similar: I love pairing a cardigan or light cover shirt..{still don’t know what they are called, hahaha} over a t-shirt or blouse that fits the belly. It gives some coverage to arms, and can be worn ovet dresses too. I even wear them with leggings and a tank sometimes for lounging. Point is: you need these. Hahaha!

Dresses: I’ll be honest. I have spent too many-a-Sundays in previous pregnancies frustrated and crying because things “don’t fit.” No more. If you have a couple of dresses that stretch, you’re in business. And combined with a cardigan/over-shirt thing {still don’t know what it’s called,} it makes it a whole different outfit and you’re in business. Some of my favorites have been found atJane! {HERE!}

Leggings: The ones with the band are my FAVORITE, because they are ultra comfy. I wear them a lot in the winter, and even postpartum, when like with the jeans, I will wear them to keep everything tight since I don’t really do belly binding or anything like that.

Pants: I will say three words: WORTH.THE.SPLURGE. I have worn the same pairs of pants through 3 pregnancies and wish I had bought them with my first. {Same goes with a pregnancy pillow, but that’s for another time! Haha!} I guess I did still have some flares from my first pregnancy, but apparently that was the style then, and the skinnies I got later on were my fave!  I got some from Pink Blush Maternity during a sale, and am so grateful I did. Worth every penny. I even wear them postpartum while my belly is still too big to go back into “regular” pants and when I want to keep everything tighter. I don’t do belly binding or anything like that, so I take all the help I can get from these guys.;) Haha!

Some other things I like to do that weren’t mentioned in the video:

Bras: I DID mention in the video that I don’t love spending a ton of money on clothes. Some things are definitely worth the investment to me, and bras are actually one of them! When I’m not pregnant. When I’m pregnant and nursing, I kid you not, the girls up front are all SORTS of different sizes, so I go to TJ Maxx or a store like that and buy several bras in a couple of different sizes for about $15 each. They are usually sports bras with cups so that the girls don’t look to squishy and I can wear them under normal shirts without the cross cross that shows in the back.

Happy Bumping!



Happy Thursday! My “Dressing the Bump” post is up on the site! LinkπŸ‘‰πŸ»@thedaintypear!🍐 Here’s a clip of the video, but don’t worry, if you don’t want to listen to my voice for 6 minutes, it’s alll written out there, too!πŸ˜‚ {Is it just me, or is listening to your own voice or watching your own awkwardness painful sometimes?! Hahaha!} Also, if I didn’t make it clear enough…Size up, own that Bump, and dress in what’s comfortable! Don’t look at the number!πŸ˜‚ Happy bumping!😘 #thedaintypear #tdppregnancy #tdpstyle #20weeks

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