SALT LDS Retreat

When I first saw that the SALT LDS Retreat was a thing, I was so excited! My cute college roomie and I decided to go to it, and we’re so glad we did! We heard from some really great speakers, made friends, and felt the Spirit. I received answers to some things that I’ve been pondering on, and of course it’s so nice {and important} for Mama’s to have some time out to themselves, {even if you miss your babies 5 seconds after you walk out the door! Hahaha!}

Some take aways:

The sweet girl, Elise, who put on the whole event {which really was amazing and everything was done beautifully!} talked about giving God the time he deserves. This isn’t word for word, just how I interpreted it, but when we look at things or give attention to things that aren’t necessarily uplifting to our spirit, like articles and comments which aren’t pro-religion, etc., we should also give God equal amounts of time. We should read the conference talks and quotes that our friends post, we should show Him that we want him in our lives. She shared her story, which was powerful. I think so many could relate to it, and it was such a great way to start the retreat!

The other speakers {in the classes I went to} spoke on things like:

  • Inner beauty. {And that nothing changes our Divine worth.}
  • “You are not broken” {talking about Postpartum Anxiety and Depression!}
  • If you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse. {Putting energy towards things that make us better instead of making us feel worse and not being flooded by so much info that we can’t focus on how we think, feel, and what we believe.} And that confidence is vital.
  • Stress Management.
  • When we are struggling or feeling vulnerable, turn outward. {From Rosie! She has a line of beautiful temple dresses called Q. Noor. I ordered a dress called Merry that is maternity friendly, and it’s beautiful!}

That’s the crazy short version of my notes, but it was uplifting and fun! My roomie and I went with another friend to Chick-Fil-A for lunch, which was also a treat since I don’t live near one! Haha!:) And then we had Turkey Cranberry Sandwiches from the cafe downstairs at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building later on. We left a little bit early because my preggo self was nauseous and was getting a migraine {#preggoprobs. Haaha!} but we loved everything we heard and saw, and everyone we met!



Loved meeting Laura, AKA Marathon Mama, and so many other fun friends!

Happy Sunday!πŸ’• I shared some thoughts and a few notes from the SALT Retreat yesterday! LinkπŸ‘‰πŸ»@thedaintypear.🍐 One of the highlights was having this beauty of a building right outside the window! My hubby and I were married here just over 6 years ago, and who would have ever thought we’d be here, expecting our 5th baby 6 years later. So grateful for this path we’ve taken, even though to many it maybe seems a little bit crazy{πŸ˜‚} and is nothing how we originally “planned” on doing it; BUT it’s something that has been an indescribable blessing and I can’t even come close to adequately expressing my gratitude. Although EVERYONE’s journeys are different, The Lord has a funny way of setting you on the way that’s meant for you with gentle {and sometimes not so gentle} nudges in the right direction.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ #thedaintypear #tdpsundaythought #lds

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