Thoughts on Pregnancy + Infertility

I’ve had something on my heart and mind for days, weeks, and even years, and have said things like this before, but still wanted to share. When we were thinking about growing our family again, I kept a journal of the journey. For some reason it was so emotional. Actually, it was so hard for one or two main reasons. I was so sick, so emotional thinking about getting pregnant knowing what it would entail, let alone having to announce it to some of my closest friends and family who have longed for the same thing for months and years. I know we all have our own trials, some are seen, some are unseen, but somehow it didn’t make the pit in my stomach or lump in my throat much better. I know my pregnancies aren’t picture perfect, with lots of throw up bags, and a lot of time spent over 9 months in the hospital with IV in-arm, on the floor, or over the toilet. I try to have a good attitude and mostly share the good parts, because it doesn’t change how grateful I am. I’m so grateful for my kids and this growing belly, but just wanted to say in conjunction with that how many pleading prayers are said tearfully and daily for all those who are waiting for that babe in their belly or arms. Love all of you sweet friends! Thanks for always showing love and friendship to me, I love each of you! Happy Sunday!💕



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