Coco & Kiwi

My friend Jenna at Coco and Kiwi {Her Website Here} has built an awesome company with some seriously adorable products! I ordered my bag while we were on our way to Hawaii, so it was like Christmas coming home to it! {I suppose it’s a good thing to have something fun waiting at home when you’re leaving an amazing vacation! Hahaha!} The bags are a great size, just big enough to fit everything you need but discreet enough that they aren’t banished to diaperbag-dom forever! The inside has a removable wet bag for soiled items! I have 3 kids in diapers, 2 different sizes, and they fit perfectly + organized. Yay! Check out Jenna’s website and her Instagram: cocoandkiwi



Shirt: H&M

Bag: Coco & Kiwi {Order Here!}

Necklace: The Dainty Pear {This one!}

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