I had kind of an intense conversation with Heavenly Father today about a situation I’m trying to navigate. The answer wasn’t necessarily what the natural man part of myself wanted, but it was clear as day. Scriptures came to my mind in answer to what I was saying so clearly, as if I was having […]

Today, one of our kids asked us to pray for him that he’ll “be able to learn his plus and minus equations.” THAT is what it’s all about.???? As a family, we care about the big and small things, because whatever is important to one another IS important. I know that our Heavenly Father feels […]

Happy Monday!😘 It’s time for another #tdpyoutube review! My review of this blow dryer meets round brush situation is up on the Youtube Channel!🍐 #thedaintypear Youtube Video linked below! XO Sarah Dryer: HERE Shirt: HERE {Deals change daily.}                View this post on Instagram A post shared by Sarah🍐 (@thedaintypear) on Feb […]

Today was a little bit different than our typical Sunday, since we needed to stay home from church! Today’s Sunday consisted of baths, whipped cream straight into little mouths, lots of oatmeal, FaceTiming each other from different rooms, The Tabernacle Choir on repeat, messy floors, and snuggles.💕 I’m always a little bummed missing church, but […]

                 This was so much fun! They are back open this year, and since I was in Florida when Texas got snow last week, I was grateful we had this to look back at! Hahaha.;) XO Sarah