Sweet Sunday Summary {Feb.10.19}

Today was a little bit different than our typical Sunday, since we needed to stay home from church! Today’s Sunday consisted of baths, whipped cream straight into little mouths, lots of oatmeal, FaceTiming each other from different rooms, The Tabernacle Choir on repeat, messy floors, and snuggles.💕 I’m always a little bummed missing church, but am also grateful that we can go over and continue the lessons at home in a more structured way with our church’s new home curriculum!

I’ve always loved studying on my own and getting lots out of the lessons at church, but I’m becoming increasingly aware of the necessity of fortifying our personal Testimonies throughout the week and teaching our kids the foundational aspects of the Gospel. Especially since moving to Texas, I’ve learned that most of the kids here on the Bible Belt know their stuff! And I love it! I’ve always been happy and eager to study out different topics on our own {which we continue to do,} but it’s so nice to have a structured something that we can teach throughout the year which also coincides with the lessons being taught at church.

I have always felt a big sadness…{or maybe FOMO on the Spirit} missing church. {And the kids do, too!} I know Heavenly Father wants me to be there, and I definitely love being there. It recharges my batteries. Even with babies and meltdowns and madness, learning the Gospel, feeling the spirit, and connecting with others fills me up for the week. I suppose there are some days where it’s better for the whole congregation if you’re a no-show, though. Like today. And I’d like to think that cuddling with babies and soaking in bath time and little conversations with our 5 kids is something Christ himself would smile upon as Sabbath-day activities.

Happy Sunday!



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