Sweet Sunday Summary || Nov.1.20

Today, one of our kids asked us to pray for him that he’ll “be able to learn his plus and minus equations.” THAT is what it’s all about.???? As a family, we care about the big and small things, because whatever is important to one another IS important. I know that our Heavenly Father feels the same way, because I have felt Him in the big and small moments. He has sent love and hope to me at times where only He would know that I needed it. And I know He does that for you, also! Try looking back at the times His hand has been present. You may have seen it as a “coincidence, or “good luck,” or “things just working out,” but maybe, just maybe, it was God telling you, “I see you. I know you. I care about what you care about. This is FOR you.”♥️ Happy Sunday, friends! #thedaintypear#tdpsundaythought



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