What’s in the Maskcara Beauty Pro Kit?

Okay, so after so many months of going back and forth on being an Artist for Maskcara, I decided to do it. I promise I won’t be spamming you with things, but I will try to just link the colors that I use on me or others in blog posts or the occasional deal on my Instagram Stories! I say occasional, because I am not a huge fan of selling things. I like to just do my thing and not be tied down to one product, but since I’ve been using this for so long and talk about it anyway, I figured it wasn’t a crazy idea! If you are wondering what is in the “Pro-Kit,” here we are! I go through it in the video below, and the items are listed below the video in this post. I filmed it a couple of days before Christmas, so it was kind of like an early Christmas since who doesn’t like getting new makeup!? Haha! Hope you had a great Christmas with Family and Friends!<3





Essentials Kit +

21 IIID Foundation Singles

12 Eyeshadow singles

2 Powder Singles

6 Brushes / 1 Perfector

4 Compacts

Milk Moisturizing Cream

20 Temporary Tattoos

*retail value $850


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