Today we’re throwing it wayyy back with the pictures! Hahaha! I was still in an awkward stage in College {I’m probably still in one, it’s fine.} But it’s worth sharing because there is a unique job opportunity with VIPKID, and this friend right here is the one to talk to! We were friends in High School and roomed over the summer in College, and we were together the night I met my husband! Karli shared this on her personal Facebook page, and I thought it would speak for itself:

“So I’m a stay at home mom and earlier this year I was so depressed. I felt like I wasn’t making an impact on the world outside of my own little house. I knew what I was doing was important but I needed to feel… appreciated? Yes, I needed to feel appreciated by someone other than my husband and one-yr-old daughter. I was struggling to find happiness and fit into my new lifestyle after working full time as a teacher. I was blessed to start teaching online for VIP Kid a few months ago and it has changed my life. I get to teach adorable Chinese students every morning & feel like I have more of a purpose outside my own little world. I want to tell other moms about this because it means a lot to me & I know it can make a difference in your life too if you’re like me! If you have a bachelors degree in any field, teaching experience (even primary or church!) and a North American accent, you can teach too. $20 an hour, unlimited hours. You make your own schedule & the only requirement is that you teach 7.5hrs a week during “peak times” (3am-7am).  I teach from 4:30-7.”

Of course as a friend, it’s always hard to learn that your friends might be or have been hurting or sad, especially because of course we know Moms rock and although their impact is huge within the walls of their home with little ones, it can sometimes feel small and lonely. But also brings lots of joy when Mamas can find joy again through something fulfilling that they love!:)

If you would like to apply, CLICK HERE, or follow the link below before Nov.19.16! The only requirements are that you have a Bachelors Degree in ANY field and have some experience teaching {even teaching at church totally counts!}


So there’s that! I hope this reaches someone who can use it, and I hope that we all can find things that fulfill us and bring happiness, whichever avenue that might be! Earlier this year, one of my besties, Aubrey, threw a Mama’s Night Out, and she asked me to speak. One of the parts that I talked about was being a “YES Girl!” If you are struggling to find yourself, find your talents, hobbies, or what you want to do or your influence to be: start saying “yes.” And give everything {within reason, hahaha} a chance; even those things you think you might be or once were “BAD” at. We”ll never know what we’re going to love unless we try!



I had to throw this one in there, because can we talk about how the pretty blonde gets to be Christine when you’re stuck being the Phantom?;) HAHAHA!

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