To Vlog or Not to Vlog

That is the question! Haha! I love to be hands-free with my kids, and I also LOVE to document their little voices and the funny things they do! I almost get anxiety thinking of them getting bigger without me keeping record of this amazing small stage. But then I also get anxiety having technology out while they are awake! I also go through this weird thing of how much to share online, keeping them protected, and not wanting to show too much but also wanting to be abundant and make meaningful connections. This balance is something that brings me anxious feelings, but in talking to friends about the matter, the conclusion is that we want to believe there is more good in the world. And I believe that whole-heartedly! There is so much more good. Even just yesterday, I had a few comments that broke my heart a little bit on Instagram. I haven’t said anything on my feed because I don’t want to bring attention to it, but I do want to say that the friends {real life friends and those made through Instagram} came to my rescue. It was really touching, and even though I haven’t shared those feelings over there, I hope each person knows how incredibly grateful I am for their goodness! What brought me to tears wasn’t the negativity, but the kindness. So so much kindness!<3

So, here we go! The link to the Vlog channel is in the video below! I wanted to keep my regular channel less cluttered with vlogs so we can focus on Anxiety, Birth, and silliness! Let me know what your thoughts are, and thank you again for your beautiful kindness and positivity!



The Dainty Pear Channel: HERE

The Dainty Pear VLOGS Channel: HERE



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