Thoughts on having kids♡

I went to the store here the other day with the three girls. The checker said, “Are these all your girls?” I said, yes! We have two boys also. They’re the best!” She asked what age I started having kids. When I said 21, she disappointedly threw her hands up and said, “Oh! So you didn’t get to experience anything before you started.” I stammered and tried to defend my choice, even though it was usually a comment I would have totally laughed at and moved on from, but it stuck with me in an icky way!😭💕 Then I realized it was because I COULDN’T disagree more. My family IS my adventure. My BEST decision. I’m not choosing between a great life of fun OR my family, I’m choosing it WITH THEM. We are raising each other and becoming best friends along the way. We are each other’s biggest supporters and love exploring together. I traveled around the world before having kids, which I LOVED, but doing it WITH THEM is even better. Have you ever seen a new place through a child’s eyes? It’s pure magic. Is everything harder and messier and louder? Yep. But is it better in almost every way imaginable? Yes. As we walked down the street on Thanksgiving Day, a man stepped to the side, started clapping, and said, “I LOVE PARADES!” We laughed and I told him that’s the best one I’ve heard yet.🤣😅 I love my parade. I know so many long for a loud home of their own, and my heart aches every day for you. I pray for you and shed tears for you! I also know that this might not be what everyone would want! Which is a choice I also respect! But if you’re worried having a family will keep you from adventure, I can tell you it will be your greatest adventure yet.♥️ “ #thedaintypear #tdpsundaythought#worshipwithtdp #HisDay

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