Thoughts from the water♡

I’ve seen a lot of things while being out on the water, but nothing like this. Scroll down to my HOME section to read about how we took part in the rescue of a stranded boat and how we weren’t the only ones who jumped in to help.

We love going out on the boat! The scenery, the memories, the fresh air, it’s always a 10/10 experience. When we are out on the water we always make sure to have our radio on, just to make sure we are in thee know if anything is going on. Usually, we don’t hear anything.

It was a ‘Mayday Call.’ We heard the frantic voice giving out as much information as possible; they were taking on water and couldn’t find the source and they were a red sail boat. 

The lesson I learned in this ordeal will stay with me forever. 


This experience has obviously been super impactful to me. It’s been a great opportunity for me to reflect on how urgently I go to the rescue. As I pondered about that, I was drawn to the story in the New Testament when Jesus calls Peter to follow Him.

“How descriptive, how powerful, how rewarding when properly applied in human conduct.

We invite all to serve the Savior and walk in His paths straightway. There is an urgency for all of us who have this knowledge of His divinity to act upon it without hesitation or delay. The time is now.

He has invited us to come unto Him, and the best time to enjoy His companionship is straightway. We can best get on the course and stay on the course by doing as Jesus did—make a total commitment to do the will of His Father.” – Marvin J. Ashton

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