Love this little piggy-tailed cheeser!:) I’ve been thinking of what would be fulfilling in this little space. I used to {and still do, but find less time for it} LOVE to blog, write articles, and read quotes. I want to share more of those things, and here is one I found today that I love!

“Your kids don’t want a perfect Mom, they just want a happy one.”

I know there are so many things that have the potential to bring us down as adults, moms, people, and a lot of them are valid! And we’re all allowed to have bad days. But, I’ve found that my home runs so much more smoothly when I am a happy Mom. When I choose to let things go, when I laugh off the small things instead of getting upset, when I focus on being THERE for my kids instead of being perfect for them. Love getting to be a Mom to all of my babies, and this little girl has such a great personality! My hubby used to say when our first was born and his first year that he was so happy because I was showing him how to be, and I remember it was the greatest compliment to me at the time. I hope that joy is something I can teach my kids, and it sometimes when it doesn’t feel like it comes as easily as it usually does, like in the midst of a difficult pregnancy, etc., I always have to remember that I am in charge of checking my attitude and that good ol’ Honest Abe said it so well: “Most folks are about as happy a they make their minds up to be!” Happy Wednesday, Mamas!



Happy Wednesday!💕 Love this little piggy-tailed cheeser!😍 #thedaintypear #tdpmotherhood

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