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Happy International Women’s Day!💕 I’ve teamed up with some amazing ladies for a an important cause! Here’s a little 3 minute video explaining what we’re up to, and HERE is the link to help these women!




Did you know that women and children spend 140 million hours a day collecting water, or that parasite diseases remain the major killer of children between the ages of 0 and 5 in the developing world? Can you imagine the worry on a momma heart this must cause these women? ❤️Today, on International Women’s Day, we are launching an incredible opportunity to change women’s lives.  This Easter season I am teaming up with some amazing women to promote this cause of battling the global water crisis. We are joining our efforts to raise $15,000 to install a clean water system in a community in Guatemala and implement health & hygiene classes to the women there. Imagine what these women can do for their families once they can let go of the worry of disease infested water!❤️ 💦The Her Initiative is providing access to clean water and specific health & hygiene education through a program that is called ‘Clothed in Strength & Dignity’. Throughout the month of March we are asking all all of our friends to bypass one take out meal and donate $10 to The Her Initiative.  If we each make this small sacrifice we can make a life changing result to these women in Guatemala. We need you! Please follow the link in our bios and share this on your pages and stories in support of @the_her_initiativeand @healing_waters . 








@citygirlmeetsfarmboy “If we can bring together women to support her – help educate, empower & resource her – she can change the world!” Kayla Fruchtman – Founder of The Her Initiative #thedaintypear

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