Shop Changes

Thank you all so much for your sweet support on our baby news!:) I’m grateful for the friendships that have come from this little community!:) When I started this little business a couple of years ago, I didn’t foresee all the amazing people I would get to meet or the fun experiences it would bring! With a new baby comes new changes not only in my family, but for this shop! I’ll have more on that later, but as I’ve kind of talked about before when my shop went on vacation for the holidays: business can always be there, but little chubby hands and tiny voices that call for “Mommy” grow way too quickly! This New Year, my word is “Simplify,” which also means that I will be taking a step away from making jewelry to give everything I can to 5 kids ages 5 and under, and this will be shifting to more of a lifestyle space. I’ve always wondered where I could have a place to meet new friends, share recipes and my amateur love of photography and film, and whatever else seems relevant, so I hope you join me on this journey that’s focused on Motherhood and relationships! I’m so grateful to each of you and for the interactions with the coolest people that have joined me here @thedaintypear! Happy New Year’s Eve! I hope each of you find joy, love, and purpose this coming year!

It’s a little bit of an adjustment, no matter how much sense it makes or how right it is, to take a break from something that you put so much heart and effort into! There is something wildly satisfying about creating something from start to finish with your hands and seeing it be used and appreciated by others!πŸ”¨ But, I guess in my own way, I AM making something and putting my heart into it. Heart, energy, and stomach! Haha!:) {With our first four, I had pregnancy sickness the whole pregnancy, throwing up until and on delivery day with each one. It included lots of IV’s and pushing through it while taking care of the other babies at home. Luckily we know these sweet blessings are worth every bit of it!πŸ‘ΆπŸΌ} I’m so full of gratitude. Maybe TMI to share with thousands of people and the interwebs?! Hahaha! But we’re all friends here, and I know I’m not the only Mama who goes through that, OR who is just trying to do her best and make the best decisions for their family; and I love the community here of support and women raising each other up! Every Mama is rocking it in their own way, no matter how inadequate we may sometimes feel! There are still some giveaways with jewelry that were planned pre-shop decisions, so keep an eye out for those!:)🍐 This baby is already so loved!πŸ’• I look forward to interacting with you guys in a different kind of way, but one that I hope you know always comes from a genuine place of love, gratitude, and real-ness!:) #thedaintypear #tdpmotherhood



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