Pregnancy Nostalgia

Pregnancy Nostalgia. I can’t be the only one who gets it. Right? RIGHT!? Hahaha. It’s so funny how we can go through so much during that year of the pregnancy and postpartum period, but somehow many would still do it all over again. #WorthIt.

Of course, I’m always always always thinking about you Mamas who struggle to get pregnant or are awaiting a baby through adoption or another means, and I know I’ve said it and said it again, but you are ALWAYS in our prayers. Many pleading and tearful prayers on your behalf. My heart is tender towards you, which almost actually prevented me from posting this. However, I know there are also so many who have been and who go through the real process of the positives and woes of pregnancy and postpartum, and I pray that those struggling will one day experience a beautifully exhausting pregnancy or find a little one in your arms in some other way. Love to all of you, and please tell me if you can relate!;)




  1. Christensen's says:

    Oh my gosh this is perfect !!!!!! So true!

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