Oregon Coast: TDP Traveling

WOW! Happy Summer! This right here is a testament to the power of spontaneity! We can’t always get up and just leave everything, but we had a window of time where we could and we took it! We decided to do a Utah road trip {yes, you read correctly…”Yoo-tah ROHD-TRIP verb. The act of trapping  5 humans ages 6 and under in a car and driving 20 plus hours to the beehive state!” Hahaha.

I’m so grateful for these memories that we almost didn’t make because it would have probably been easier to stay home…Yep, for sure staying home watching “The Greatest Showman” on repeat would have been easier than climbing to the back of the car to clean up car sickness puke! And, in actuality, I’ve become sort of a homebody in recent years! My anxiety goes through the roof when I think about leaving town, BUT, seeing these gorgeous mountains and family and friends has been just the cure for my homesick heart.:)

We didn’t only stay in Utah, though, we ventured up to the Northwest, which is where Tom is from! We sailed the Columbia river, hiked to waterfalls, visited the coast and the Tillamook Cheese Factory… we visited his grandparents and interviewed them for family history! I love visiting the Oregon towns that raised him.

In Utah, we went paddle boarding {for my first time ever,} rode bikes through beautiful mountain towns, played with friends and cousins, ate at some of our favorite restaurants, and celebrated my sweet grandma’s 85th birthday! We had picnics in the mountains, shot fireworks for America’s birthday, and stayed up until the middle of the night chatting with dear friends!

It’s been fairly simple, but it’s been full of incredibly rich and beautiful memories that we think our kids will remember for a long time, and will hopefully want to do again!:)

What did you do this summer!?



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