Online Design Summit!♡

I had so much fun getting to hang out with Angie and Carrie, the creators of the Fixer Upper at Heart Summit. They are so lovely and uplifting, and Angie shares my love of dessert, so we had an instant bond! Hahah.

I LOVED getting to chat with them (before we even met in person!) about business, design, and a bunch of other things! You can find that interview, along with interviews with SO MANY AMAZING women, many of which are personal friends!♡

If you are interested in design or business, this is a great place to start!!!

Happy Learning and Connecting!

XO Sarah

SIGN UP HERE: https://fixerupperatheart.com/sarah

P.S. The summit is free to attend (online,) but if you want bonus content and one of these cute shirts in the video, that’s available for a $67 early bird price!!! (Usually $197!)

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