Flash Sale with Ellie Avenue!

I took a little dive into our “system” for organizing chores and rewards, on Instagram stories today. Spoiler alert, I’m NOT very sophisticated with it! Hahaha.

These chore charts are an easy way for me to stay organized and have a visual way to see the tasks that need to be done. (Becauseeee: Mom Brain.) The kids ARE expected to finish their tasks and anything else I need them to do before playing with friends, doing activities, or going to Grandma’s for a cooking class! ( Their personal fave! So cute!) They know this, so it’s not a surprise, and takes out a lot of the rigamarole to get to do chores. (DOOOON’T worry, we still have rigamarole. Hahah.)

You can find these chore charts HERE, and be sure to use the code TDP25 for 25% off until TOMORROW! Happy chore-charting!;)


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