The past couple of years, one of my new healthy obsessions has been ART! We have a mixture in our home of new art, vintage and antique pieces, etc. It’s been so fun to curate it and fall in love with certain paintings!

I have been following this company called North and Finch on social media for awhile, and was excited to collaborate with them!

They were so kind to send me a print. But then I also went on their website, went a litttttle crazy and bought up some more gorgeous pieces! I am picturing a gallery wall, but also wanted some for the rooms we are working on with Heather from House Sprucing!

The textures on the prints almost look like original artwork, and I’m so happy with how they turned out!

You can use the code THEDAINTYPEAR for 15% off, and can visit their website HERE!

Here are the links to some frames I bought!

Frame #1 (4 pack): HERE

Black 11×14 Frame: HERE

16×20 Natural Wood Frame: HERE


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