The Dainty Pear + LipSense

Lippy lips! This will be the rare occasion that I post about this, {other than tagging it in posts,} but just a little PSA that The Dainty Pear is now offering LipSense! I love love lipstick, but I’m always the person that has it on my teeth! Haha! So I’ve come to really like this almost solely for that reason! I don’t generally sell things like this, but thought it would be fun to have it available to everyone in an easy way! You can order it directly through the site and have it shipped to you, instead of waiting for it to be ordered and sent to you! Find the link on the menu bar of this page. {Or, click here.} Notes: Be sure to add the quantity and also a gloss {on the left hand side of the screen, or click here.} If you are brand new and you’d like a starter kit, click here!:)




{Lips: Blu-Red. This one.}

{Necklace: The Dainty Pear. {This one.}

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