Lessons from the RV: Week 1

Well, we’ve officially been doing the RV thing for a full week!🚌 We’ve learned lots and lots, and for the sake of the #tdphillbillies diaries, I figured I’d share them here!🤣
🎒 STUFF. Most of us have so much of it. But since we have had all of our belongings (besides what fit in our suitcases) in storage in Texas, we’ve learned that you actually can make do with very little! It’s not always convenient, but it’s been a couple of months now, and we’re chugging along!
🌿 Allergies are reallll in the wilderness. (Any favorite recommendations/remedies that you love?!😂)
👶🏼 Kids are SO HAPPY with very very little. Watching them play with rocks has been one of the HIGHLIGHTS for me! I love it so much!
👕 CLOTHES. You actually can wear things multiple days in a row and the world still spin in axis! (But if I run into you at the grocery store, don’t sniff TOOO hard.🤣 #jk)
👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Being in close quarters with 5 little babies is actually really fun. I love having them within arms-reach for snuggles at any moment.
🍑 It’s possible to have very little stocked in your tiny fridge or pantry and still feed the babies.
🌎 Slowing down (WAY DOWN) reconnects you to the simple joys, including all of Heavenly Father’s stunning creations. Like the birds in the sky, or a tiny gorgeous flower poking through the rocks by your feet.
💩 An RV tank can only hold so much, and you get to either take it somewhere to be emptied, or have a service come to you!!! (See my stories for today’s experience! #rookie)😂💕
📹 @tdptom and I have been getting videos here and there! Is there anything you want to see/know about with the RV adventure?!🍐 #thedaintypear #tdpyoutube #tdpmotherhood 

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