I got to go to the Temple tonight with one of my besties, and it was so much fun! As I was getting changed inside the dressing room, I was hurrying as fast as I could! The Temple Session wasn’t starting for 20 minutes, but I was still moving so quickly, probably out of habit. Then, a little but firm voice in my mind said, “Stop.” It surprised me a little bit because I really stopped everything I was doing and just stood there for a minute. As I stopped changing at lighting speed, I then had the thought, “Slow down. Slow down.” I was so grateful for this little nudge because I recognized how quickly I’ve had been moving without even realizing it. The Temple is such an amazing place to slow down. To meditate. To pray. To have a few hours of no distractions. It’s such a good feeling. Then I thought about how I could apply it to every day. I started praying for ways to be intentional and slow things down. I came off of a day feeling like I had bombed Motherhood, and was also praying for ways to be a better Mom. It was amazing to me how my answers came in small ways– in little thoughts or promptings, and they somehow all tied together. Man are that they might have JOY. I feel like there is definitely wisdom and joy to be found in slowing down sometimes. I am happiest with my kids when I’m soaking in, breathing in those small moments. I feel like it’s also a huge blessing to sometimes “Stop.” Stop everything for a minute and think about what really makes us happy. What brings us joy? And then focus on those things and find ways to weed everything else out. Such a simple thing, but just wanted to share my little thoughts from this beautiful place! Happy Weekend!



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