What Do Mormons Believe?

Have you heard about the Mormons!? Within the past few years, things like the Broadway Musical, Presidential Candidates, etc., have brought more attention to Mormonism, but do you know the core principles? Last week when I was thinking about this video, I was a little bit overwhelmed because I feel like there are so many amazing and beautiful aspects to the Religion that I didn’t want to leave out, and they all feel so important. Then I had the thought to follow the principles that are outlined on mormon.org. So here in this video are just a few simple principles that are foundational to the LDS {Latter-day Saint} faith. Something that I was also thinking about this past week that I didn’t put in the video is that if you’ve ever happened to come in contact with someone who doesn’t seem accepting or comes off judgmental, and they happen to be Mormon: it’s not a Religion problem, it’s a people problem! Nobody is perfect, and I’ve come across people from all different religions or backgrounds who are judgmental or crass, but that doesn’t make me love them any less! For some reason, I felt like it was important to say that sometimes I think the terms “judgmental” or anything else that implies a lack of acceptance for people who live outside of they way they live, are pegged as a “Mormon problem,” when in reality it’s just a human one. We are taught from Nursery aged toddlers {18 months +} to Love One Another.<3 I also explain in the video that my background comes from being immersed in a variety of religions and cultures, and I love them all! This is the path I’ve chosen because I find great joy in it, and I hope to shed even just a particle of light on that here!:) {The Instagram 40 second version is first, and the full 4 minute video is below!}



thedaintypear.com You guys! #ldsconf starts mañana, and I know I’m not the only one excited for it!🎉 For those who don’t know about the LDS {Mormon} religion, I made a four minute video on my YouTube channel talking a little bit about the basics, as well as my love for other religions and cultures! This was supposed to go out earlier this week, but then all of a sudden it was Friday!😂 So you get the version where it looks like I just came back from the gym. Don’t worry, I didn’t. Hahaha. [Do I still have to pay for my membership if I don’t step foot in there?!😬 My hubby says yes.😂] Anyway, join us in watching 10 & 2 MST!😘 #thedaintypear #tdpsundaythought

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