Friday Twinning

Friday twinning with this little nugget! Also, paid my 5 year old a dollar to take these pictures! Hahaha! He’s pretty dang talented! Love him! Happy weekend! #thedaintypear #tdpmotherhood

On Instagram, I had several questions about where I got our overalls, so I’ve linked some below! The shop that I got mine is Lettie Boutique. I didn’t see that they are carrying any at the moment, but if you’d like to get a discount to their shop, you can use DAINTYPEAR for 15% off!:)



This one HERE
This one HERE
These ones: HERE
These overalls: HERE
These overalls HERE

Also, here are some cute ones for the littles! Baby O’s are from Baby Gap, {First link below,} and there are some for toddlers {second link,} and kids, sizes 8 and up in the third link!:)

Baby Overalls: HERE and HERE

Toddler: HERE and HERE

Kids {Ages 8+}: HERE and HERE

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