El Yunque Rainforest || Puerto Rico

Yesterday we went hiking in El Yunque Rainforest🌳 with a group of strangers! It reminded me of being out and about pre-quarantine, and how much we love meeting new people and hearing their stories! Everybody rooted for a girl named Jess who struggled her way to the top of a steep and slippery side of the mountain, and cheered when she got to the top. We helped each other through deeper stretches of water, and grabbed hands before and after others fell in the mud! We worked through language barriers together, and made inside jokes as a group. We warned oncoming strangers about steep or slippery spots, and gave advice on the best rope swing practices! People from ALL around the world working together to do something challenging! It lights me on fire, I love it!♥️💕♥️🌴🌳 We all have more in common than not-we’re all just trying to make it up and down the mountains and valleys of life, and sometimes we need to rely on, respect, and trust others to help us along the way.⛰


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