I went to the store here the other day with the three girls. The checker said, “Are these all your girls?” I said, yes! We have two boys also. They’re the best!” She asked what age I started having kids. When I said 21, she disappointedly threw her hands up and said, “Oh! So you […]

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Can you believe it’s been one year since our big fundraiser for O.U.R.!?!? CRAZY! I HAD THE BEST TEAM helping put this together. I ran into Janica, the owner of River Bottoms Ranch, and told her that I wanted to so something and she was immediately so supportive! We picked one of the (ONLY) free […]

Sometimes you need to get ready fast! Butttt, it’s not usually this fast. Hahaha. I sped it up for a quick YouTube video! Are you subscribed over there??? The products I used are linked down below!♡ XOSarah http://Instagram.com/thedaintypear *PRODUCTS USED* Tatcha Primer: https://bit.ly/3B8rSJe Charlotte Tilbury Lipliner: https://bit.ly/3koxHfq Pillow Talk Lipstick: https://bit.ly/3idQUxF Bronzer: https://rstyle.me/cz-n/fqccm6cav37 Luxury Palette: […]

Self proclaimed bargain shopper here! I’m was excited to splurge a little and try on the make- up from Charlotte Tilbury. I went all in! I bought as much as I could wedge between my body and my toddler sized hands. I must admit, I already tried a few of her products in my last […]

“We must never let the noise of the world overpower and overwhelm that still small voice.” L. Tom Perry💕 Love days where you can hear the Spirit speaking to you. Sometimes the world, responsibilities, social media, news, etc., can be SO DARN LOUD, and I savor those moments of clarity.💕 I hope you found what […]