What is it? We (and our kids) like business, so we like to call it a family board meeting! Usually it’s at our kitchen table on a Sunday night, and every few months, we’ll take it to a restaurant on a weekend and go over broader goals and ideas. Elements of a family meeting: •Word or […]

I am so excited to have my new book: Grounded Holidays available NOW! I’m so grateful for the hundreds of hours of work that went into this, for a kitchen that was always in disarray, and for my amazing team for helping me push this over the finish line, just in time for the holidays!♡ […]

Do you remember a time where blogging was the WAY to go? With social media and the reels, videos, GIFS, and a million other stimulating things that go with it, do you ever miss just turning it all off and reading something? I totally do. And I DO do it! Haha! Even though 95% of […]

I was the mom who had five kids in five years, five kids in diapers or pull-ups at a time, five little ducklings walking in front of or behind me, five kids stacked into a shopping cart. It was incredibly wild, stressful, fun, and magical! I truly loved it and enjoyed it! (I think you […]

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Hi friends! I have a NEW YouTube video up on my channel! It’s kind of a mess and maybe even boring, but I HAD fun! Hahahaha. Here is the link! Hope you’re having a great day! XOSarah *Products Mentioned* Hourglass Glitter Shadow: https://bit.ly/34QyyA3 Natasha Denona Transformatte Pore Vanishing Matte Foundation: https://bit.ly/3BcXHAZ Bite Beauty Power Move […]