If you’re feeling summery and spicy…jalapeños are one of my favorite fresh ways to spice up a drink! The one used in this recipe (from Trader Joe’s,) already has jalapeño in it, so we just add a little bit more for color and flavor! The taste to me has more of the warmth of ginger […]

We can’t be the only ones who are famished after just a couple of hours at church! Right!??!? Haha! Thought I would take you along as I made a super easy and quick lunch on our Traeger grill/smoker! XO Sarah http://instagram.com/thedaintypear http://thedaintypear.com http://youtube.com/sarahthedaintypear

           WELP, since we’ve been road tripping for 4 weeks and I’m basically one giant McDonald’s french fry, I figured we should make sure we’re eating some good ol’ homemade meals! I took @tdptom to Costco with me to prep. I usually have all 5 kids with me, so it was […]

DAY 1 Yesterday was DAY 1 of our Whole30! I mentioned on Instagram Stories that I would try to do either a Vlog or Blog Posts to show what we’re eating and what I shop for during The Whole30. {Tom is doing it with me, so we’ll see how that goes. Hahah!} I am doing […]

I have always loved salmon in any form, but smoked salmon is near the top of the list! This super quick breakfast/lunch/snack is one of our faves, and as you can see the kids love it too! So if your toddlers are open to salmon and avocados, I’m sure they’re in for a treat! Ingredients: […]