Can’t Take the Mountains Out of the Girl

Yesterday we went on a Sunday drive. Is this something you guys do!? We used to do it more often, so it was fun to revisit one of our traditions. In Texas, we would sometimes drive up north to this little dreamy town that had a gorgeous lake. We would throw rocks in the water from the dock, and it was so beautiful. {I’ll include a video below so you can have a visual! Haha.}

Yesterday, we had some different scenery, because now we’ve moved back to the mountains. I think my soul ached for it. I remember having a conversation with some friends in Texas about how there are certain places/states/topography that represent people’s personalities, and I’m pretty sure the mountains are mine.

As much as I fell in love with so many parts of Texas, sometimes I just wanted a breath of crisp mountain air so badly that it hurt. {Dramatic, much? Probably. But I think the mental state I was in with the postpartum depression and feeling so displaced with the move, it was SO real! Hahah! I just knew that just a few minutes in the mountains could re-center me somehow!}

Fast forward…it totally does. If you question anything or your mind is too busy…a trip to the mountains can be just what the Doctor ordered. In the mountains, you see simplicity, stillness, beauty, and God. I have felt this way visiting beautiful lakes, the ocean, and desert as well…there’s just something about His creations and becoming one with nature, even just for a few minutes. God and Jesus Christ want us to delight in their creations, and I feel like taking time to appreciate it, wherever it may be, is a form of worship. We saw these gorgeous plants by the lake, and I had to hop out. We can’t believe this sweet baby girl is almost 2!!! WHAT!

Hope you had a great weekend!XOSarah


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