Baby 4 Labor Vlog

I’ve started thinking it’s time to get mentally prepped for labor, and revisited this little video from our 4th baby last year. Haha! We went in early to get membranes stripped {my hubby loves that word. Hahaha.} and then spent the day walking around, squatting, curb stomping, etc., etc., etc. AKA: ALL THE exercise I didn’t do when I was pregnant. Haha! Not pictured are the plentiful throw up breaks, {not from the exercise, although I’m sure that didn’t help haha, but we just have sick pregnancies. Read more about that HERE.} Anyway, watching this both gets me stoked and anxious for labor! I haven’t quite forgotten the intensity and sensations of an unmedicated labor, but there is still something magical about it that makes me a little bit giddy! Haha!:)




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